How Often Should I Have a Skin Exam?

By Boulevard Dermatology
December 13, 2017
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Your skin is your body’s largest, most extensive organ. However, it is often mistakenly overlooked in terms of your overall health. A skin skin examexamination with your dermatologist can help you keep your skin in good shape. More importantly, a skin examination can give your doctor the chance to find and treat skin issues like suspicious moles or even skin cancer early. Find out more about skin examinations with Dr. Deirdre Wood at Boulevard Dermatology in Philadelphia, PA.

What should I expect during a skin examination?
Your dermatologist will examine your skin from head to toe during a physical examination performed in their office. Before your exam begins, alert your doctor to any suspicious or new spots, freckles, or moles. From there, your doctor will begin examining the skin thoroughly, including the scalp, between the fingers and toes, your eyelids, and more. If your doctor finds an unusual spot, they may take a closer look or suggest a biopsy. The examination is painless, only takes about 20 minutes, and helps your doctor find and treat conditions like skin cancer at their earliest, most curable stages.

How often should I see my dermatologist?
How often you should see your dermatologist varies greatly with your risk factors, skin type, and medical and family history. However, most dermatologists suggest patients get a skin examination once a year and self-examinations once a month. Those with a history of skin cancer may need checks even more frequently. Look for the ABCDEs of skin cancer: an asymmetrical mole, changes in the mole’s border, changes in the color of the mole, an expanding diameter, and moles which evolve, or change over time.

Skin Examinations in Philadelphia, PA
A skin examination can save your life. While it has a high survival rate, untreated skin cancer can turn deadly, making an early diagnosis crucial, especially if you have a history of or are at risk for cancer. For more information on skin examinations, please contact Dr. Wood at Boulevard Dermatology in Philadelphia, PA. Call (267) 731-1333 to schedule your appointment with Dr. Wood today!